WINNING THE #TransitionsTrendsettersContest !!!

YOU GUYS! This is surreal! A friend of mine via Instagram tagged me, encouraging me to participate in a contest provided by Transitions Lenses . The contest had three phases, in which I participated in 2 out of 3. Being that Tim Gunn is a spokeperson for Transition Lenses, it was focused on mixing fashion with a pair of ....well....lenses, of course.

Phase II consisted of being able to TRANSITION a casual day outfit into a night outfit. This is what I submitted.

Skulls never looked so feminine... :p

Phase III consisted of coming up with a creative night outfit with lenses showing personality and style. ... .. THIS was something to think about. How do I show a night outfit with my geeked out glasses?? Well this is how.

One thing's for sure..... I do love blazers... :-P

There are no words to describe how excited I feel! I am looking forward to meeting the fabulous Tim Gunn and spending my where abouts' in the equally fabulous NEW YORK!! Winning the Grand Prize never happens to me ya' ll!!

Stay Tuned as I'll report back on my adventure here!

XOXO Vanessa

Special thanks to VuMan Photgraphy for capturing my 'creative night look' !