There always comes a time where we have that 'need' to try something new. To be creative, to step out of our comfort zone, to try a new print or shade of color, to be bright and bold, or to be eccentric. This is exactly how Neo Bantu fascinating designs made me feel. I wanted to be OUT THERE, different, unique and stand out. Thank you Neo Bantu for your vibrant creations! Here is just a little insight of what she has to offer...

This bag is made by my good friend Jen who is founder of Dueces to Divas! Her designs are amazing! She is such a beautiful, bright, and talented person. Her personality reflects her brand, style, and designs. Love ya Jen!

It is always good to have a couple of pairs of shoes that are a little out of the ordinary! I  bought these at Target LONG AGO and they have made a statement on my most simplistic outfits with its' cut out wedge.

I hope you enjoyed this preview of what Neo Bantu has to offer. It's designers such as herself that give me great satisfaction in supporting our local talent. I am excited to continue to support and style other local designers' looks in my area. Aside from it being creative, it's exclusively one-of-a kind!


Photography Credit: Vuman Photography

XOXO Vanessa