Ok ya'll, so I hadn't done a photo shoot in FOREVER! I mean the type where you have to pose and contort your body to create angles. I swear I was sore the next day! I just wanted to share with you all the final results from a few weekends ago with VuMan Photography , a local Dallas Photographer whom I had the pleasure of working with! Look #1

I do want to point out why this body suit means sooo much to me. It's one of a kind, and is dear to my heart. The significance of the yellow body suit was because it was the last thing my grandmother and I designed together. I used it a few years ago in a local fashion show (view very last photo), and it has served as a great memory since her passing. It was definitely awesome to wear it again! <3

The Ruffles were made separately, and then sown onto the suit. I had to cut the sides of the body suit very carefully as I wanted them to look symmetrical.

Look #2

Look #3

Three different looks, styles, and poses! This was beyond fun (even though It was hot out, lol) !

Thanks for stopping by, and have a great weekend! :)  

XOXO Vanessa